Your Digitalsell account

It takes just a few minutes to create an digitalsell account. Once set up, you can buy and sell, send messages to other digitalsell members, and leave feedback for buyers and sellers.

Our guides below will explain everything you need to know about how to create, manage, and customize your account. You’ll also find out how to get help with any Digitalsell account problems.

Setting up your account

Managing your account

Get help with your account

Your seller account

Setting up your account

Signing up for an Digitalsell account

Find out how you can set up an Digitalsell account in just a few minutes.

After you’ve registered with Digitalsell, you should sign in to your account whenever you’re looking to buy and sell. Signing in personalizes your shopping experience. It also gives you access to My Account, where you can keep track of all your buying and selling activities, items you’ve saved to your watch list, and your favorite sellers and searches.

You’ll also need to be signed in to exchange messages with other Digitalsell members.

Signing in with your email or username

1-Go to our Sign in page.

2-Enter your email address or username.

3-Select Continue.

4-Enter your password.

You can also sign in to Digitalsell with Facebook, Google, if you’ve linked your accounts.

Signing in with Google

1-Go to our Sign in page.

2-Select Sign in with Google.

3- Enter the phone number or email address associated with your Google account and select Continue.

4-Enter your password and select Continue.

Signing in with Facebook

1- Go to our Sign in page.

2-Select Sign in with Facebook.

3-Enter the phone number or email address associated with your Facebook account and your password.

4-Select Log In.

If you experience any problems signing in, here are a few things to check:

  • Make sure Caps Lock isn’t on
  • Look for spelling errors
  • If you recently changed your username or password, your browser might remember your old information. Try manually entering your new username and password
  • If you’re still having problems logging in, you can reset your password.

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